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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Titan Grass products?

You can use Titan Grass lawns almost anywhere you choose to. Most people replace the lawn in their garden with our artificial lawns, but you can also lay them in conservatories, children’s play areas, on roof terraces or around swimming pools.

Is maintenance necessary?

One of the great advantages of a Titan Grass lawn is that there is almost no maintenance required. We recommend that you keep your artificial lawn free from debris such as leaves and pet mess by blowing or brushing it off, but no additional maintenance is needed.

Are artificial lawns environmentally friendly

Many customers worry about the environmental impact of installing an artificial lawn. Titan Grass lawns negate the need for chemical fertilisers and weed killers to be used in order to keep the grass looking lush, and improve water conservation as they require no watering and drain effectively.

Are artificial lawns fireproof?

Because Titan lawns are made of plastic, there is a risk of melting if they become hot. We therefore recommend that you do not have open bonfires or fireworks on your artificial lawn.

Charcoal barbecues should be used on patios or paved areas, but gas ones will not damage the grass as long as the heat is sufficiently above the area. Cigarettes will melt the grass, so we advise the use of ashtrays if smoking in the garden.

How do artificial lawns drain water?

Titan Grass lawns have a holed backing and sit on a sharp sand base, enabling water to drain away effectively. Our products also have a brown weed thatch for a realistic look that allows good water drainage.

Does artificial grass fade in sunlight?

All Titan Grass products are UV stabilised to ensure that the sun’s rays don’t damage or fade them. As a result, your artificial lawn could last up to 20 years without fading.

How long will a Titan Grass lawn last?

Your Titan Grass lawn is manufactured with high quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure a lasting finish. Our lawns will last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Can I install my Titan Grass lawn in winter?

Installing your artificial lawn in the autumn or winter makes the process simpler as the ground is softer. Your new lawn will be mud-free and dry quickly following rain, and won’t be damaged by frost and snow.

What sort of base should I use?

Your Titan Grass lawn will sit on a type 1 limestone base covered with a layer of sharp sand to enable drainage. Our installation guide provides details on the depths required for each layer.