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Joining Guide

Tools we recommend

Stanley knife
Stanley knife
Mastic gun
Mastic gun
Stiff brush
Stiff brush

Step 1/3

In some gardens it may be necessary to have one or a number of joins to complete the grass installation. Here’s how to create the perfect join…

Prepare the two pieces of grass that you are joining by making a good, clean, straight cut close to the stitch lines on both pieces of grass only leaving a mm or two of backing before you hit the stitch. Ensure you do not cut into the stitch to avoid grass falling out which creates bald spots on the pile side.

Titan Grass Joining Guide Step 1

Step 2/3

Offer the two pieces of grass up to each other, leaving a 3mm gap between the two pieces.

Position the 2 pieces of grass together until you are happy you have a neat seam (Never secure your join without testing the appearance of the seam).

Titan Grass Joining Guide Step 2

Step 3/3

Fold both pieces of grass back and run the seaming tape down the centre.

Apply the adhesive onto the seaming tape, ensuring an even and generous spread.

First, fold one piece of grass onto the tape then marry the second piece of grass with the glued piece, brushing against the pile as you go down the join. Allow the glue to set.

Titan Grass Joining Guide Step 3